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SUMMUM CIRCUS - Fizzy'n Spicy

Special Edition

SUMMUM CIRCUS – fizzy’n spicy

Shooting stars in a firmament of spices

Geneva is the host city for «The World Circus 2010». Le Carré des Chocolatiers is joining in the show with Mathieu Wermuth, an authentic Ringmaster in the art of experimenting with new flavours. His creation SUMMUM CIRCUS – fizzy’n spicy is a stunning number, a kaleidoscope of new discoveries, which uses our taste-buds like a circus ring.

SUMMUM CIRCUS is firstly a feast for the eye, a dazzling rainbow of colours produced by hand, which makes each tablette an individual work of art. Beneath this outer covering lie the aromas of 72% cocoa Araguani chocolate from Venezuela, with haunting suggestions of liquorice and chestnut, and 64% cocoa Manjari chocolate from Madagascar, which has a dominant tang of red berries.

Inside, the filling of the tablette will get the juices flowing: like a clown on a tight-rope, it’s a balance of a unique combination of curry and spices (coriander, cumin, caraway, fenugreek, turmeric, black mustard, ginger, fennel and green cardamum) with popping, crispy peta zetas.

«World Circus Geneva 2010» is a celebration of the art, a cornucopia of performing artists, each with with his own special number. Youri Messen-Jaschin, who conducts this multicultural event, has brought together an impressive number of performances, exhibitions and presentations. You can appreciate our crackling, spicy, circus chocolate all the year round.

Discover SUMMUM CIRCUS’s own caravan attending (the highlights of) the festival on «».

You can also see a video of artist Mathieu Wermuth in action, creating his multicoloured range of delicious masterpieces. Take a look at the video
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