- What is it about chocolate that you like most?
- What I like is the music.
- What music is that ?
- It’s the music of desire. The music of colours, the music of perfumes. The music of plantations, of the jungle. The music of the earth, of leaves, of the sap rising. The music of the night, the music of flames and hot coals. The music of Africa. The music of the Mediterranean, of gardens in Provence. The music of love. The music of childhood, and the music of secrets. Pre-Colombian music. The music of cocoa pods and their shells. Black music. The music of caresses, of lips. The music of Cuba. Whispered music. The music of the road. It’s the music we hear in our hearts, and in our dreams.
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Summum Scent Maharani
Fragrancy Chocolate
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Summum Scent Maharani